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Colposcopy in Andrews, TX

Colposcopy is a procedure that closely examines the cervix, vagina and vulva for signs of disease. We may recommend colposcopy if your Pap test result is abnormal. During this procedure, we use a device called a colposcope to give us an illuminated, magnified view of cervical, vaginal and vulvar tissues. Cervical colposcopy typically causes mild discomfort, pressure or cramping sensations. For vaginal colposcopy, we typically use local anesthetic to reduce or eliminate any pain. Recovering from either kind of colposcopy usually requires avoiding heavy housework or exercise for the first few days. You may have vaginal discharge for four to six weeks after colposcopy. The discharge may be red-brown initially but changes and improves as you heal.

Call Rand Waddingham, MD at 432-523-6624 for more information about Colposcopy, or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. He welcome patients from Andrews TX, Goldsmith, Seminole, Lamesa, Midland, Odessa, Gardendale and nearby locations.

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