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Colposcopy in Andrews, TX

Colposcopy is an ob gyn procedure that closely examines the cervix, vagina and vulva for signs of disease. We may recommend colposcopy if your Pap test result is abnormal. During this procedure, we use a device called a colposcope to give us an illuminated, magnified view of cervical, vaginal and vulvar tissues. Cervical colposcopy typically causes mild discomfort, pressure or cramping sensations. For vaginal colposcopy, we typically use local anesthetic to reduce or eliminate the pain. Recovering from either kind of colposcopy usually requires avoiding heavy housework or exercise for the first few days. You may have vaginal discharge for four to six weeks after a colposcopy. The discharge may be red-brown initially but changes and improves as you heal.

Purpose of colposcopy
Colposcopy is a  means of further examination if your Pap smear yields abnormal results or if your cervix appears abnormal during a regular gynecologic exam. The colposcope shows the location of abnormal cells and your doctor can evaluate whether treatment is needed. A sample may be taken for analysis by a lab pathologist.

How to prepare
There is little preparation needed. Do not have intercourse or insert anything in the vagina for 48 hours before the procedure. It can be done during menstruation, but in the case of heavy bleeding, call to possibly reschedule the procedure.

What to expect
There is no pain during the procedure, although taking a biopsy may cause some cramping. Colposcopy takes about 10 minutes and the patient can return to normal activities immediately afterward.

Discover advanced colposcopy and oather ob gyn procedures close to home. Call 432-523-6624 for more information or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. Our colposcopy patients come to us from Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Hobbs, Lamesa and surrounding communities. Please keep in mind that our physician is also a pediatric doctor who loves caring for our youngest patients.

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