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Ovarian Cyst Removal in Andrews, TX

Ovarian cyst removal, or ovarian cystectomy, is a procedure to eliminate ovarian cysts. An ovarian cyst is an accumulation of fluid surrounded by a thin outer shell. It can be as small as a pea or large enough to make a woman look pregnant.

An ovarian cyst occurs most frequently during a woman’s reproductive years. An ovarian cyst may be an early form of ovarian cancer if it is large and causes pain or bleeding. If so, your physician may recommend surgical removal.

Only about 8% of premenopausal women develop an ovarian cyst large enough that it needs treatment. All ovarian cysts are not cancerous. Most ovarian cysts are small, harmless and without symptoms. An ovarian cyst may cause problems if it gets larger, if it twists and causes ovarian torsion or if it bursts and causes internal bleeding. This requires immediate attention and treatment. If you have an ovarian cyst, you might experience:

  • Abnormal menstrual bleeding, irregularities
  • Dull ache in lower back or thighs
  • Pelvic pain shortly before or after beginning of a menstrual cycle
  • Pelvic pain during intercourse
  • Abdominal fullness, heaviness
  • Nausea, vomiting or bloating
  • Bowel pressure or pain during bowel movements
  • Difficulty emptying the bladder

Call Rand Waddingham, MD at 432-523-6624 for more information about ovarian cyst removal, or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. He welcome patients from Andrews TX, Goldsmith, Seminole, Lamesa, Midland, Odessa, Gardendale and nearby locations.

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